Has Hail or High Winds Caused Damage to Your Home?

Count on us when you need storm damage repairs in the Twin Cities Metro & surrounding areas

Did a major hail storm damage your roof or siding? Have high winds ripped the shingles or siding off your home? Royal Construction and Remodeling specializes in addressing storm-damaged roofs and siding, offering comprehensive inspections and tailored solutions to restore their structural integrity.

If wind, hail, snow or ice has damaged your home, call us now to schedule storm damage repairs.

Why choose Royal Construction and Remodeling?

  • Our team excels in repairing and replacing storm-damaged roofing materials, ensuring a meticulous approach to mitigate any issues caused by severe weather.
  • We provide prompt and reliable services for storm-damaged roofs, employing top-tier materials and expertise to restore homes and businesses to their pre-storm condition.
  • With a focus on customer satisfaction, Royal Construction and Remodeling not only repairs storm-damaged roofs and siding, but also assists clients in navigating insurance claims seamlessly.


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